Who We Are

TAG is a cleantech company based in Ottawa. We are designing and manufacturing products dedicated to optimizing an outdated supply chain in the bulk grocery market. TAG designs and makes smart systems that carry, track, and dispense bulk foods, supporting the zero-waste model. We are advancing the way the world buys and supplies products by making safe and sanitary sustainability rewarding for everyone.   

Our Story

Inspired by the zero-waste movement, creator Geoff MacKay set out to make change in the bulk grocery supply chain. He approached engineering innovator Chris Falconi, and together, they began building, testing, and designing a new way to package, supply, and purchase bulk food.

Together, they developed a sophisticated bulk food dispensing system that could not only attain the sustainability goals set by government initiatives—but create a whole new approach to buying bulk goods.

With the addition of financial and start-up veteran Jennifer Look-Hong, The Aggressive Good came to life.

Our goal is to make it easier for all stakeholders of the bulk food supply chain to make a difference—to enable every consumer, retailer, and supplier to become environmental stewards.

Meet The TAGTeam

Social and Environmental Leader

Geoffrey MacKay

CCO, Founder

Strategy and Finance Leader

Jennifer Look-Hong

CEO, Founder

Manufacturing and Product Design

Chris Falconi

CTO, Founder

Meet The Advisory Board

Eamonn is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The Kyvr Fund, a strategic Canadian Venture Capital company dedicated to Canadian cyber security companies of various maturity stages. Eamonn is a Senior Executive with over 30 years of multinational experience ranging from Board Member and Chairman through various CxO positions.  

Key positions include: Co-founder of Ackroo (AKR.V) taking it public on the TSX.V, key management member responsible for taking Bridgewater Systems public on the TSX and subsequent sale to Amdocs (NYSE: DOX) for $211m, GSM leader in Nortel Networks responsible for $1.2 bn of revenue and $250m of direct investment, Board Member of BetterU (BTRU.V) during go public process on TSX.V 

Steve is the Head of Innovation for Galvion Inc. one of the largest producers of soldier worn protective gear, power, and high technology systems in the world. Steve was also the Head of Innovation for Revision Military which later sold to Asgard Partners in late 2019. He was also instrumental in organizing the acquisition of companies like Lux Aerospace (Tuscon, AZ) and Protonex Power Systems (Boston, NH) 

He has founded Profit 100 companies, received the Deloitte Green 15 award and is a Top-40-Under-40 alumni and has served as an advisor and Board Member in dozens of start-ups and publicly traded companies. Steve is listed as an inventor on about 60 patents worldwide related to products and technologies that include medical sensors, wireless data, consumer electronics and military protective equipment.  

Antonio is an entrepreneur who brings a long history of success and expertise to his current position as CEO of 6Link Venture Collective. Antonio founded Nova Cheese, it was the first company he founded and began in his parents’ garage in 1986 and laid the groundwork for a revolution in the goat cheese industry. He then successfully acquired Woolwich Dairy Inc., in 1988 for three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and transformed it into a one hundred-million-dollar annual sales giant. In 2015, Dutra sold Woolwich Dairy to Montreal-based Saputo, for over eighty-million dollars.  

He founded 6Link Venture Collective shortly after, a successful organization of liked minded industry professionals that invest and develop property globally. Mr. Dutra has served as President of the Manufacturing Association, Chair of Government Services, Director for the Greater Dufferin Area Chamber of Commerce, Director for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, as well, he served on the Planning and Zoning Committee for Dufferin County and worked with Non-For-Profit organizations.  

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