Grocery Retailers

A bulk food dispensing solution that helps reduce food packaging and waste while optimizing inventory control and bulk product purchasing, increasing product investments and profitability. 

With our TAGSolutions, you’ll have the tools you need to reduce waste, extend product life, and track supply and demand with ease. 

5 Steps to Success


Discuss your needs with a TAGTeam member, who will provide white glove service installing the TAGPods for you.


Learn to use TAG's intuitive TAGKiosk, TAGData, and TAGPods.


Fill TAGCartridges yourself or get them filled from your supplier and insert into TAGPods


Track purchasing data more accurately in real time with TAGAnalytics to enhance your offerings and improve inventory from suppliers.


Repeat steps 3-5!


Advance your sustainability objectives

New regulations are around the corner that demand businesses reduce their environmental impact. This progress is exciting and necessary but what does it mean for your business and sustainability goals? 

With TAG, it means an opportunity to optimize supply and demand while replacing single-use bulk food packaging in the supply chain. Our smart TAGPods significantly reduce waste and unlike traditional bulk containers, our tracking and weighing technologies empower accurate information sharing in the supply chain. 


Meet customer demands for innovation ahead of the competition

Consumers are getting used to smarter and more convenient ways to shop. There’s no time like the present to offer a more hygienic, waste-free, and efficient bulk food solution.

Say goodbye to open-air bins, shared shovels, and (accidentally) mixed products. With TAG, consumers don’t have to choose between collecting food in (yet another!) single-use plastic bag and taring and weighing their reusable container. They don’t have to choose between waste-free shopping, time saved, and food hygiene—and neither will you!

At TAG, we’re especially proud to offer a one-touch bulk food dispenser that’s COVID-safe!


Increase profitability while optimizing supply and demand

TAGPods’ internal scales provide real-time measurements of volume sold. With consumer demand measured for you, all that’s left to do is adjust supply as needed. Our system increases sales volume per square foot with higher margins increasing profitability.

TAGPlatform makes that easy, too—providing analytics to you and your suppliers so they can adapt to your changing needs in real time.

TAGCartridges’ airtight seals prevent food waste by extending product life, keeping products fresh and safe from contamination. What’s more, the TAGPods’ one-touch delivery system prevents cross-contamination on the part of consumers (and limits food spillage, too).

A modern way to buy and sell bulk

Shorter wait times, happier customers

Peace of mind, safe dispensing, zero waste