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How TAG BMS Tackles Grocery Challenges

For Suppliers


  • Inaccurate or delayed product purchasing
  • Product waste
  • Significant single-use packaging

TAG Benefits

  • Automated purchase orders
  • Reduced product waste through extended shelf life
  • Reduced single-use packaging with refillable TAGCartridge

For Retailers


  • Shelf life and product freshness
  • Supply chain and in-stock inventory inaccuracies
  • High labour costs
  • Maintaining safe and sanitary product

TAG Benefits

  • Sealed TAGCartridge extends product shelf life and freshness
  • TAG BMS inventory tracking matching demand with supply
  • Labour cost reduction
  • Contactless, sealed TAGPod makes product safe and sanitary

For Consumers


  • Checkout is inefficient and slow
  • Bulk products and dispensing bins are not safe and sanitary
  • Difficult to manage to a set budget and track spend accurately

TAG Benefits

  • Single receipt allows for fast efficient checkout
  • Contactless, sealed TAGPod makes product safe and sanitary
  • Ability to dispense exact amount – no guesswork

Multiple Segments

Bulk shopping reduces transportation inefficiency and waste, while saving everyone money.

Bulk Foods

Dry bulk items such as nuts, grains, legumes, seeds, cereal, dried fruits, chocolate, candy and much more

Bulk Liquids

Start with liquid soap, lotions, shampoos, detergents and much more

Supplements and More

Health food stores are ripe for disruption as they move towards zero waste; opportunity from confectionary to vitamins and supplements

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