TAG’s Bulk Management System (BMS) revolutionizes the outdated supply chain in the bulk grocery and convenience markets.

TAG’s Bulk Management System

The TAG system

Automatic weighing and dispensing reduces inventory shrinkage, optimizes labour, and simplifies the buying process

Data analytics optimize inventory control, product decisions and customer loyalty initiatives

Efficient hygienic pods make implementing bulk food sales easier, safer, and more affordable

Reduces packaging & facilitates compliance

Contactless, safe and sanitary food

  • Real-time digital display of price and weight
  • Automatic dispensing and weighing technology
  • One-touch dispensing process
  • Prevention of cross-contamination and limitation of food spillage

Reusable, refillable, recyclable packaging

  • The integrated TAGCartridge replaces single-use supply chain packaging and reduces product waste
  • With RFID & QR technology, suppliers can track product shelf life and location through the supply chain
  • Suppliers can generate automatic purchase orders
  • Integrated Bulk Management System (BMS) provides data analytics and inventory control

How the TAG BMS Works

Step 1

A one-touch, user-friendly interface that enables shoppers to easily customize the amount of product they wish to purchase

Step 2

Consumers use their own reusable containers to purchase the product

Step 3

A kiosk tallies their purchase and prints out a receipt, and the bar code on the receipt is scanned at the till

Step 4

Cashiers scan the receipt from the TAGKiosk and no longer have to weigh and input individual bulk items


The TAG Bulk Management System consists of hardware and software that includes the following:

Retailers & Suppliers

  • Design & Merchandising
  • TAGCartridge
  • TAGKiosk

Software Subscription (cloud-based):

  • Maintenance & Support
  • Inventory Control
  • Custom Reporting & Purchase Orders
  • API Plugins (additional fees apply)

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