TAG’s technology makes it easy to adapt to grocery retailer and consumer needs.  It provides key metrics for your business, so you have what you need to sustain your bulk food supply chain into the future. 

5 Steps to Success


Buy TAGCartridges (and gain access to TAGData to find new clients!)


Fill TAGCartridges via your assembly line


Track TAGCartridges at each stage of the supply chain


Once at the grocery retailer, track how much product is being sold (and know it's staying fresh!)


Collect empty TAGCartridges as you drop off filled ones, sanitize and repeat steps 2-5!


No need to buy single-use bulk packaging (or pay tax on the waste it creates).

New North American regulations and grants supporting sustainability are imminent. We’ve designed TAGCartridges with them in mind to keep you ahead of the curve!

Each reusable TAGCartridge supports a circular supply chain. A looped system creates little to waste-free, favouring reusable over single-use packaging.

Change to the supply chain is coming, and we’re here to support you in making the most of it, reducing cost and increasing long-term profitability.


Find new client leads in TAGPlatform’s database of grocery retailers already set up with TAGPods!

We’re all about making sustainability accessible. That means helping people create success in business together through their sustainable supply chains. With TAGData, you’ll have access to every grocery retailer with TAGPods to house your TAGCartridges and distribute your bulk foods. 


Track product to know exactly where it is in the supply chain—and how much consumers are buying

TAGCartridges’ unique SKU numbers make them easy to follow upon arrival at every touchpoint.  You will never have to wonder where your product is or when it got there—simply check its lot number to find out! 

Each in-store TAGPod is linked to your SKU numbers so you can track each TAGCartridges’ volume allowing you to match real time supply with demand.  Our TAGData provides insights into consumer purchasing habits by geographical location for accurate production and supply methodology.  


Brand TAGPods so they stand out in-store

What’s the best way to showcase your bulk food to get it off the shelves? We know two things for certain: a) brand recognition is key, and b) people eat with their eyes. Branded in-store TAGPods help with both. 

The tastefully designed containers are created with you in mind, with blank canvases that ensure your logo and products shine. So, while consumers feast their eyes on a plentiful display of your bulk foods at their best…they can associate that ideal with your brand.  

Your product feels more accessible—and the clean and easy delivery is the cherry on top. It’s that simple! 


Provide fresher product and more hygienic delivery with sealed TAGCartridges

TAGCartridges are air sealed, keeping food fresh longer and free of contamination.  

With a one-touch delivery system that makes dispensing food clean and easy, there’s no need to worry about cross-contamination on the part of consumers—or spills.  

We at TAG are especially proud to support consumer safety and comfort as they buy in bulk during COVID-19 and Flu season. Goodbye open bins, shared shovels, and drying air. Hello clean, green, and smart hygiene. 

Reduce packaging expenses and waste

Increase distribution volume

Conforms with legislation