The effort catalyzes a “whole chain” approach to fighting food loss and waste and supports upstream food loss and waste reduction.

We are ESG driven

SDG#12: Responsible Consumption & Production

TAG supports the 10x20x30 Initiative with a full supply chain approach. TAGPod coupled with the real-time data captured creates efficiencies, massively changing the way the bulk food supply chain operates.

SDG#14: Life Below Water

The TAGCartridge drastically reduce the need for single-use packaging. Less packaging and waste enters the oceans, mitigating detrimental impacts to marine environments.

Our Planet

A world without food waste

The food industry is on the verge of revolutionary changes, with traditional market models being digitized and production methods becoming unsustainable due to three major drivers:

  • Retailers and supplier trends that push towards more efficient and sanitary supply chain solutions
  • Consumer trends that push production towards healthier dietary choices
  • The recent COVID-19 crisis that pushes the market towards digitization to limit physical interaction

A world without single-use packaging

Single-use packaging is responsible for environmental and oceanic degradation, resource depletion, and wasted cost for suppliers and retailers. Elimination of single-use packaging in TAG’s solution is driven by:

  • Current and forthcoming government bans on single-use plastics globally1
  • Consumer awareness about single-use packaging and their motivation to reduce consumption
  • Sustainability-minded businesses taking action to support a circular economy and unlock new revenue streams and cost savings

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